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Born in Azerbaijan (next to Dagestan) Professor Roger Mamedov immigrated to Brooklyn in 1991 during war. The first martial art discipline he undertook in NY was Shotokan Karate at age 8.. At 12 years of age is when he began working at the school he was training in. At 13 is when he started his training in Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. Muay thai 15, Boxing at 19, Wrestling soon there after. At 20 is when he fought in his first professional MMA bout. The Following month he opened Williamsburg mixed martial arts academy.



Teachers and Training Partners

Roger Mamedov has had the privilege to work with some of the best teachers in their respected fields. He is part of the Renzo Gracie team and has trained under Master Renzo Gracie. Learned Judo by legendary Judo teacher; Kiyoshi Shiina. He joined some of Rutgers wrestling teams practices, also wrestled with Brandon Kinney, and a number of other wrestling coaches. He has also trained under John Danaher, Don Saxby and a few others.

Since 2008 Prof. Ricardo Almeida has been Prof. Roger’s head coach. It is at his academy in Robbinsville, NJ where he mostly trains. He has worked with the team's head boxing coach; Mark Henry who has corned Roger Mamedov in his professional fights and has corned with him while coaching Akira Corassani in his UFC bouts. The team there includes Former UFC Champions Frankie Edgar & Eddie Alvarez, Edson Barboza, Marlon Moraes. He as also trained with Braulio Estima, Roger, Rolls, Igor, and Gregor Gracie as well as many other top martial arts practitioners.




Professor Roger Mamedov uses Martial Arts as a platform to change, empower, and enrich his student’s lives. He helps them to develop self-defense skills, as well as achieve and maintain healthier lifestyles. Professor Roger’s goal is for each student to develop the skills needed to accomplish all of their endeavors on and off the mat. He has worked diligently to make Williamsburg Mixed Martial Arts Academy a warm and inviting place for the community; a martial arts academy unlike like any other. No matter the age or skill level, he believes WMMA can be a beneficial experience for anyone.


Aside from teaching martial arts, Professor Roger also conducts multiple workshops and lectures. He has worked with local schools and specializes in topics such as bully prevention, stranger awareness, and internet safety. He also teaches the popular Women’s Empowerment Workshop, which educates and gives local women the confidence of knowing how to defend themselves.

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