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  • How Do I get started at WMMA?
    Pretty easy! All you have to do is Book your first class online.
  • Can I take a free class?
    We do offer a complimentary to new students, as long as the potential students lives in close proximity to us. We do apologize but complimentary classes aren't offered to out of state guest.
  • I'm visiting from out of state, May I drop in for a class or two.
    All are welcome to come a drop in for a class, drop ins are $35. We pride ourselves in having a safe and structured program. Therefore even though you may be experienced in Grappling or striking; Rolling and sparring can't be guaranteed.
  • How much are classes?
    Depends! We have 4 stages: Guest, JV/junior varsity, Varsity, and Pro. All incoming students first start as guest ($35 per class) then have the option to Enroll into on of 3 JV programs.
  • When can I roll/spar?
    Safety and structured growth is our main priority. Regardless of a incoming students experience, they will have to first enroll into our JV program and check off three of the following to qualify for a varsity program. Basic understanding of wmma systems. Understanding of danger points. Rapport with teammates.
  • Do I have to enroll into a commitment
    No! you may pay per class for as long as you wish. Our 6 month and 24 month commitments do offer discounted tuition rate
  • I'm New is that ok?
    While we have coached Pro fighters, Most of our students have zero previous training. ​ All classes are structured in a way that you may go at your own pace and work on your specific goals. ​ You won't feel as you need to compete or compare yourself to your teammates, Just do your current best.
  • "Do I need anything for my first class?""
    Nope! Just comfortable workout clothes. Just no tank tops for grappling classes.
  • "Which class is right for me?""
    ALL! As for the first class; simply book the one that peaks your interest the most. The first class is for you to get a sense of the community of WMMA and see if it's one you wish to be a part of.
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